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If you're already working with a therapist, TAO connects can help supplement your sessions outside of business hours.  They utilize a method called low intensity-high engagement therapy, combining online and mobile educational modules and practice tools with short phone conversations or video conferences with a therapist.  More than 100 studies in 20 countries have shown this method to be as effective as hour-long, in-person individual therapy for common disorders.  TAO connect can also be used purely as a self-guided tool consisting of educational and interactive modules, practice tools, journals and progress measures.  Their self-help option allows you to move through the courses at your own pace, when you're feeling down and need encouragement or visiting our mindfulness library when you need a moment to meditate.


Easy sign-up at:

  1. Enter your basic info, using our university email address.
  2. Leave the 'Enrollment Key' field blank.
  3. Fill out the demographics and read the Informed Consent form then click 'Sign Me Up!'
  4. Check your email for a confirmation link.  You must click this link to confirm your account.