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How to Make an Appointment

You can make an appointment with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) by calling the office at (209)228-4266. Counseling and Psychological Services is only virtually open from 8:00AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and University determined holidays.

For information regarding urgent services please click here.

What to Expect

Here is a general idea of what to expect at your first call into CAPS:

• To be given Informed Consent as well as a Notice of Privacy Practices

• To provide information about your current issues and a brief history

• To be provided recommendations for services by the CAPS clinician

Do Not Expect…

• To lie on a couch

• That the first session is typical of therapy. It is meant to collect information in order to refer you to the appropriate treatment modality.

• To feel better immediately. You are coming in for a reason and like any health issue, it takes time for treatment to work.

• To just sit quietly. Mental health treatment is a collaborative process built on your identified goals.