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For Faculty and Staff

Staff and faculty members have the unique opportunity to support the success of students both inside and outside the classroom. In various roles in the campus community faculty and staff may become aware of students who are experiencing challenges adjusting to college life or experiencing significant emotional distress. Reaching out to these students and expressing concern may be a critical factor in saving a student’s academic career or life. Counseling and Psychological Services can provide consultation to faculty and staff around general mental health issues or concerning a particular individual student. The “Red Folders” provide a quick overview and guide for dealing with a distressed student. You are also invited to click on the links below for some resources to help you as you interact with students around the campus.

Referring a Student in Crisis to Counseling and Psychological Services

UC Merced’s Counseling and Psychological Services are available for immediate referrals, in-person appointments and phone consultations weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. When a student is in crisis, faculty and staff frequently accompany that student to Counseling and Psychological Services located on the second floor of the Health and Athletics Center to be certain that the student receives the needed services. Under these circumstances, when possible, it is helpful to call ahead to let us know that you are bringing a student to Counseling and Psychological Services for immediate walk-in services.

We encourage members of our campus community to contact Counseling and Psychological Services at 209-228-4266 to consult with a staff clinician regarding the referral process for the array of services we offer. You can utilize our website for help in describing concerning symptoms and for tips on how to identify and refer a distressed student. Counseling and Psychological Services staff emphasize the value of early intervention and prevention. We look forward to working with you in promoting a safe learning environment supporting students’ intellectual, social, physical and emotional development.